15-03-10 "La passion de Patrick|Les guitares de Judith"

Click on the picture to watch Fabrique culturelle's video clip recorded on March 4th!


14-01-14 A Laforest guitar available!



Classical guitar no.7, carved back model

Photos of the carved back guitar are now displayed in the Instruments section of my site.

To get an idea of ​​the sound of the instrument, follow the link of the new below! More sound clips will eventually be added in the Audio section of my site.

Feel free to contact me to try this guitar!

16-07-11 Videos on LA GUITARE.COM !

At the last edition of the Montreal Guitar Show, LA GUITARE.COM produced some videos of instruments displayed at the exhibition. To ring my new classical carved back guitar, two great guitarists have played along: Karl Marino and Christophe Pratiffi. Visit the link below to listen to these clips, which will allow you to both discover talented musicians and get a feel for the sound of my guitar (samples coming in the Audio section of my site):

My warmest thanks to Jacques Carbonneaux for producing these videos, to Karl Marino for his interest and passion, and to Christophe Pratiffi for his dedication and flexibility!


11-07-11 2011 Montreal Guitar Show

The fifth edition of the Montreal Guitar Show held from July 1st to 3rd at the Hyatt Regency Montreal. The atmosphere was as always pleasant and, once again, the Spectra team has made sure that everything goes harmoniously; musicians were at the rendezvous and medias' dynamism  was awesome! Many thanks to everyone who worked on the success of this fifth MGS!


Christophe Pratiffi and I, just before the mini-concert on Sunday, July 3rd. That day, Christophe's performance was especially moving  and the audience was very attentive; people wanted more! It was a memorable moment for Laforest Guitars. My most sincere thanks, Christophe!


One of the nicest people I met at this year's show is  Maegen Wells: a young luthier who currently works for Tom Ribbecke, in California. It really was a great pleasure to meet you, Maegen!


       Classical guitar no.7 - Carved back model             Acoustic guitar no.6 - Archback mini-jumbo


11-07-11 "Instruments" section's update

Changes to note:

- Classical guitar no.5 was purchased recently and is no longer available;

- Classical Guitar no.7 is about to go to the photo studio! The photos will be posted soon in the Instruments section of my site. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information on this instrument!


11-07-11 "2011 Montreal Guitar Show Tribute Award" trophy

This year I had the pleasure of designing and manufacturing the trophy for the "2011 Montreal Guitar Show Tribute Award", which was awarded to a major figure in flamenca music : Paco de Lucía. What an honor!






01-02-11 A Laforest guitar in studio!

This January 31st, the classical guitarist Christophe Pratiffi and the sound engineer Serges Samson worked together to produce the first sound samples of a Laforest guitar! My very special thanks to Christophe Pratiffi for his beautiful musical sensitivity, his dedication, his impressive professionalism and his great support. I would also like to extend my warm thanks to Mr. Samson for his expertise and the studio experience that was most enjoyable! I will soon have the pleasure of sharing the fruits of this work with you from my site and on my MySpace.



To wait and to enjoy a performance of Mr. Pratiffi, take the Wednesday, Feb. 9th as an opportunity to attend the concert of Spanish music Guitarra!, benefit concert presented by and for the Guitar Society of Quebec.


10-12-10 Recording project

During the winter, I look forward to producing professional sound samples of my last classical guitar with the fabulous musician Christophe Pratiffi. These samples will be available from my website and on my MySpace. To listen to renditions performed by this outstanding guitarist, visit!


10-12-10 Workshop at the Laval University

On November 24th, I had the chance to make a workshop presentation at the Laval University, in Quebec City. The event took place at the Henri-Gagnon concert hall, where guitar students and teachers from  the Cégep Sainte-Foy were able to hear and play my instruments, in addition to asking questions about my workmanship. My sincere thanks to François Leclerc for the organization and a big thank to students and teachers for your presence and your interest!












New instruments available

Classical cutaway guitar and archback acoustic guitar are finally ready to find an owner! Professional photos of these instruments are now displayed in the Instruments section of my site. Sound samples will be available eventually.




Good news: I was given a grant as part of the Programme d'aide aux artisans et aux entreprises en métiers d'art from the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles du Québec!


12-07-10 MySpace

You can now check out the MySpace page that I created for you to hear some sound clips of my last guitar.


12-07-10 Some photos of guitar making

A brief overview of the final stages of making my archback guitar...


            Finishing the bindings' groove at heel                                                      Bridge


                              Bindings glued on                                          Application of the first coat of oil varnish

 Second coat of oil varnish


             Soundboard ready for varnishing                                    Varnished headstock (2nd coat)


08-07-10 Upcoming...

Professional photos of the archback guitar will be posted shortly in the Instruments section of my site. Sound samples of this instrument will also be available eventually.


08-07-10 2010 Montreal Guitare Show

From July 2nd to 4th of 2010 was held the 4th edition of the Montreal Guitar Show, at the Hyatt Regency Montreal, on Jeanne-Mance Street. This was my first participation in this major event and I had the opportunity to make some great meetings, both among musicians as luthiers. The organization was faultless and the excellent media coverage of the show has attracted masses of people worthy of such an event. I tip my hat to the  Spectra team, to whom we owe this great success!

Over 130 instrument makers were present!

The Laforest Guitars, stand 40!


             Meetings of the most motivating with the  inspiring guitar maker

                                                                   Kathy Wingert and the very likeable luthier Craig Anderson


08-07-10 The little last one

I finally finished my acoustic archback guitar, just in time for the Montreal Guitar Show! Its sobriety and the warm color of its violin varnish have attracted many pepole upon the exhibition, while its carved back and its sound have caught several.


                                Overview of the carved back                                                3/4 soundboard view