Since the completion of my technical training at the École nationale de lutherie de Québec in 2008, I have worked to refine the distinguishing tone of my instruments and to confer them elegance and sobriety. Having expanded my training with instrument makers Rémi Rouleau (string quartet) and Serge Michaud (acoustic, jazz and classical guitars), I attach great importance to the acoustics and finishing of my instruments. My aim is to conceive and manufacture top-of-the-line acoustic and classical guitars.

While my artistic sensitivity blooms through the refinement of the lines and woods’ harmonization, my rational impulses find their « voice » in the acoustic challenge of the instrument. Motivated by the care of producing guitars with an enhanced performance, I place at the heart of my concerns skills’ enrichment and acoustic research — notably relating to hemlock and radiant bracing system. Likewise, selecting indigenous and North-American species – particularly the Eastern hemlock, white spruce, Western red cedar, cherry, maple, apple tree and walnut – is an integral part of my professional approach.

Though my instruments show a contemporary practice, I don’t hesitate to draw into traditional techniques in order to improve some aspects of my making, such as arch carving and varnishing. To emphasize the natural qualities of wood, I complete my work by using French polish, oil finishes and varnishes, which hints the warmth of the material.

Thus, the expressiveness of Laforest Guitars lies in their sobriety, the selection of native woods and the rich tone.