World-class guitarist David Jacques joins Laforest Guitars to present to you classical guitar no. 12! Thanks to Mr. Jacques's professionalism and Mr. Claude Frenette's multiple talents, we put together these videos on December 17th 2015, at Saint-Jean-Baptiste church in Donnacona.

I would like to express my very sincere thanks to David for his amazing musical finesse and for having found the time to take part in this session. A million thanks to Claude for his motivation and his ever impressive skills. I also warmly thank the Relais de la Pointe des Écureuils for having provided a venue for our recording project.














Laforest Guitars is pleased to present Guy Bouchard performing three of his compositions on his newly-acquired red cedar and black walnut guitar (acoustic guitar no.10). Mr. Bouchard's beautiful music was recorded on March 18th, 2015 by Mr. Claude Frenette.

Thanks a million, gentlemen, for your precious collaboration!











Quebec, September 29th 2013; Judith Laforest, Christophe Pratiffi and Claude Frenette met at the Henri-Gagnon concert hall for a third Laforest Guitars recording session. With his immutable and exceptional musicality, Mr. Pratiffi presents classical guitar no. 9.

Many thanks to you, Christophe and Claude, for sharing your talent and your passion with Laforest Guitars!













Laforest Guitars and the guitarist Christophe Pratiffi have once again joined their light touch to present an instrument. These videos were produced with the invaluable assistance of Mr. Claude Frenette, this June 2nd 2012. The sound recording was made at the Sainte-Anne Chapel in Neuville, with classical guitar no.7.

My very warm thanks to you, gentlemen, for your passion and enthusiasm!







The guitarist Christophe Pratiffi lent his great talent to Laforest Guitars for the production of these samples. These wonderful renditions were recorded on January 31st 2011, in concert with the sound engineer Mr. Serges Samson. The sound recording was performed on classical guitar no.5, at the Henri-Gagnon concert hall of the Laval University, in Quebec.

Many thanks to both of you for bringing this project to completion!





Hybrid guitar... or the Laforest-Pratiffi prototype

Since the fall of 2011, the guitarist Christophe Pratiffi and I worked together to develop a sound still untapped, which unites the qualities of a classical guitar and an acoustic guitar.

The creation of the instrument is intended as a suggested answer to current needs in terms of sound aesthetic. While talking with professional guitarists, I noticed that many of them failed to elicit any response to their ideal sound outlook through current guitar making. They are, for the most part, classically trained guitarists who want to give a more popular tangent to their career, or guitarists whose music is mixed, usually with styles where fingerstyle is used. One frequently sees these musicians changing the tuning of their instrument to color their music, notably to leverage basses yet lower. The objective of this project was therefore to design a guitar that would not only support the full expressiveness of these musicians, but could also be the initiator of a new musical tendency.

The ideational part of the project was carried out over a sharing of knowledge and skills, to which Christophe and I took part. In this way, we wanted to make sure firstly to meet the sound ideals of the guitarists concerned and secondly, to respect the schedules of upscale instrument making. Over our meetings, we thus worked in concert to elaborate a guitar prototype that could hold three bass strings for acoustic guitar and three treble strings for classical guitar.

So here is the fruit of these efforts: an hybrid guitar whose construction offers extended sound possibilities and provides access to D, C and B keys by combining the dynamism of bass guitar basses and the subtlety of classical guitar trebles, that without requiring the add of extra strings.

My very sincere thanks to you, Christophe, for your ideas, your involvement and this incomparable music that made our collaboration a success!

Many thanks to Mr. Jacques Carbonneaux, editor of, for his generosity and the production of this video.

Laforest Guitars also warmly thank the Conseil des arts et des Lettres du Québec which, through its financial support, has made possible the realization of the Laforest-Pratiffi prototype.